2019 Walkway of Flags

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The walkway surrounding the Callaway Good Life Center will be decorated with dozens of American Flags during the Memorial Day holiday in honor of our armed forces, servicemen and women, friends, family members and loved ones. Celebrate the life of someone special and support our center by sponsoring a flag for a donation of $25.00 or more.

We will tag your sponsored 12 x 18 flag with the name of your honored individual and place it with the others along our walkway in the front of the facility beginning May 24th, 2019. It will remain there through May 29th as a symbol of remembrance.

Residents and visitors of Callaway Good Life Center can view this display at their leisure. In addition, everyone is invited to a short dedication ceremony of the Walkway of Flags on Tuesday May 28th, 2018 at 1:30 pm at the Callaway Good Life Center!

City, State, Zip:______________________________________
Phone:__________________ Number of Flags___________

Send above information with your donation to the Callaway Good Life Center, c/o Walkway of Flags, PO Box 250 Callaway, NE. 68825. Make check payable to Callaway Good Life Center

Flag(s) in honor of:____________________________________________________

Flag(s) in memory of:_________________________________________________