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Congratulations to our January 2019, Employee of the Month, Melissa Jorgenson.

Melissa is the Environmental Services Director for CGLC. She oversees the housekeeping and laundry activities.  She is also in charge of making sure we are all safe while we work.  Melissa began her career as a Certified Nursing assistant, and has taken on the role of EVS Director.  She also does the purchasing and handles the organization of all the supplies.  On top of all of her duties here she also works as the Assistant manager at the Grand Generation Manor, is an active EMT and on the Callaway Fire Department.

Melissa is married to Pat Jorgenson and they have a charming daughter named Alley.  We look forward to Family get-togethers because she brings Alley, who jumps right in and helps! She enjoys walking and hiking, and spending time with her daughter, grandparents and amazing friends.

Melissa’s co-workers nominated her and had this to say about her, “Melissa saw I was trying to load my 11 chairs and folding table in my vehicle after the Family Christmas Party and she came over, loaded the bags of table cloths in my Durango and helped load the chairs and table for me.  It was much appreciated after a long day.  Thank You Melissa!”  They also wrote, “Melissa did a great job organizing, planning and hosting our facility Christmas party.  Everyone seemed to enjoy it!”

We asked Melissa why she loves what she does, and she replied, “I enjoy what I do at CGLC because every day I get to learn from experienced, knowledgeable, and charming people who always fill my days with joy.  Every single person at CGLC has their talents and special gifts and I love to see the interactions between the employees and residents.  I love to hear the memories they share, and to help make a difference any way I can.  It isn’t considered “work” if you enjoy what you do.”

We are grateful that Melissa is on our staff.  Not only is she a caring person and hard worker, but her dedication to her job means we are all better off and can serve our residents to the best of our ability.  Thank you Melissa for all you do.

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No Comments on December 2018 Employee of the Month


Congratulations to our December Employee of the Month, Darci Barnes!

Darci began her career as a Certified Nursing Assistant with the Good Samaritan Society at Callaway.   She work for Good Samaritan for 10 years and then stayed on when the transition to Callaway Good Life Center was made.  Darci has a patient soul and a calming presence and is loved by all the residents. Darci is a member of the QAPI Team and volunteers for quality committees to ensure that the residents are getting the best care possible. Darci is always ready to lend a hand and a smile.

Darci loves spending time with her family, mom-Barb, dad-Don, 3 sisters, 2 brothers, and her children Bobbi who is 20, and twins, Anna and Ivy Tullis, both 12 years old, and cat Lewis who is 1.5 years old!  She is also an avid reader.

Darci was nominated by 3 of her co-workers, who said this, “Darci stayed at the facility thru out the storm to ensure that she worked her scheduled shifts and to ensure residents’ needs were met.  Darci has 2 children at home that she arranged for their safety and and care also.  Thank You!”  “Darci is always quick to lend a helping hand.  She picks up extra shifts and comes in extra when we have a call in.  Darci is also one of the best team players when it comes to new staff.  She helps get the newbies trained and trained properly and she never grumbles.  Darci always puts our resident first and her years of dependability definitely help to make her a wonderful and loving C N A.”  “Darci is a great team player, she’s always willing to help out when needed.  Darci puts the residents first.  We appreciate all your hard work Darci, Thank you!

We asked Darci why she likes what she does and she explained, “I love making a difference in people’s lives.  I love the knowledge I have gotten from our residents and I love getting to know their families.  I have met some really amazing people over the years!”

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Congratulations to our November Employee of the Month, Natalie Trumbull!

Natalie is currently a brand new C N A for our facility!  She began her career at the Good Life Center as a dietary aide.  After taking the C N A course and getting her certificate, she transferred to nursing.  Congratulations on your success.

Natalie is the daughter of Dan and Jo Trumbull and a junior at the Callaway High School.  She enjoys playing volleyball, watching Husker football and volleyball, and working out with her niece Rylee.

Natalie’s co-workers said this of her, “Natalie worked very hard to get her C N A certificate.  She was dependable in dietary and has brought that dependability to nursing.  She works hard but I see her smiling when she comes in.  That tells me that she enjoys her work.  Congrats on getting your C N A and thank you for working here!”

We asked Natalie why she likes working at CGLC and she said, “Helping people has always been something I’ve loved.  If I can make at least one person smile, I know I have done my job.  Helping them is my way of giving back and saying, ‘Thank-You!’.  I love my job at the Callaway Good Life Center!

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November was Hospice Month! We celebrated on Thursday November 28th, hosting a Fiesta Luncheon with yummy Mexican food and Margaritas (non-alcoholic of course) with our Asera Care Hospice team! Thank you to Asera Care Hospice for your loving and compassionate care you give our residents and families! We love working with you!

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No Comments on Callaway Chamber of Commerce Decoration Contest Winner – CGLC!

Pictured is Sue Oman (DON), Karen Bomberger (Office Manager), Shari Sheppard and Lanett Conroy (Chamber Members)

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No Comments on Callaway Girl Scouts Troop visits CGLC!

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No Comments on Ribbon Cutting for New Rehab Area Wall!

The Callaway Chamber hosted a ribbon cutting for CGLC November 1, 2018. Thank you Senator Matt Williams for joining us!

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No Comments on CGLC Community Appreciation and 6th Anniversary Celebration

November 1st, 2018 – Thanks to our community, residents, staff, friends and family for joining us for our Community Appreciation and 6th Year Anniversary lunch today! We feel so blessed to be here and it’s always good to celebrate with those who helped make it possible! We are grateful and will never forget your generosity!

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No Comments on Halloween 2018

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No Comments on October Employee of the Month 2018!

Congratulations to our October Employee of the Month, Shirla Streit.

Shirla is beginning her 25th year as a nurse at the Good Life Center, congratulations!  She began her career as an RN Charge Nurse in this facility straight out of nursing school in 1993.  She is and has been a very loyal and dependable employee, always works her shifts and willing to help out whenever needed. She is a huge part of our knowledge base and a talented professional nurse.

Shirla not only works full time as a nurse, but is also Mom to 3 boys. Twins Colby and Alex are 16 years old and are 10th graders at Arnold this fall, and 13 year old Brendan who is a 7th grader this fall.  She also lives with partner Shane and 1 very solid, excitable boxer named Bella.

Shirla’s hobbies include reading, although we are not sure when she finds the time, and crafting.   

Shirla’s co-workers nominated her and said, “Shirla is a true team player. She worked 6 am to Midnight on September 14th, 2018 due to staffing issues.  She has hardly ever called in and will trade shifts if someone needs to work a different day, and if it fits her schedule.  She always smiles and treats the residents as they are her #1 priority, even when she is having her own problems.

Shirla always has a smile and the residents love her.  She can make a dreary day become sunny and bright with her laughter. We are proud to have her on our team.

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