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Congratulations to our July Employee of the Month, Darci Barnes.

Darci is a Certified Nurse Aide at the Callaway Good Life Center.  She has worked here for 18 years.  She began her career when our facility was the Good Samaritan Center and stayed with us when we transitioned to the Good Life Center.  She began her career in Housekeeping and then Laundry and finally became a C N A.

Darci’s interests include whatever her kids are doing!  Currently it’s 4-H projects, gardening, cooking and sewing.  Darci’s oldest daughter is a Senior at UNK in Kearney, Anna and Ivy are both 7th graders in Arnold. Her parents are Barb and Don Mills.

Her co-workers nominated her and had this to say, “Darci brought a little kids swimming pool in on the weekend.  She sat up the pool with water and a fishing game so the residents could “go fishing”.  Darci’s girls were also here to find sticks and make fishing poles for the residents.  What a fantastic example of going above and beyond to provide entertainment for the residents! Thank you Darci, Anna and Ivy!”

We asked Darci why she loves her job and she explained, “I get to work with some of the greatest people on earth!  The residents are so special to me and I learn a lot from them.  And recently I am able to take care of my Grandfather.  I am grateful for the extra time I get to spend with him.”

We are grateful that you have been here to quietly perform your job and make the lives of all of us better by your dedication and devotion.  Thanks for all you do.

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Congratulations to our June Employee of the month, Nancy Fox!

Nancy is an LPN at the Callaway Good Life Center.  She has 28 years of experience and has worked at the CGLC for the past five years,. Nancy has been our reliable LPN on nights and she has just recently started working days. She has moved very easily into that position.

Nancy is a crafter and especially loves to knit and crochet.  She also enjoys camping and fishing.

Nancy’s co-workers nominated her and had this to say, “Nancy found out a resident likes to embroider.  She gathered supplies to give to the resident so they could embroider.  Nancy also gave a Saturday to take a resident to a church conference.  Nancy makes sure assessments are done and she also takes an active role in getting meds ordered and paper filed.  Thank you for all you do Nancy, you are appreciated!”

We asked Nancy why she enjoys her job and she replied, “I enjoy the residents and the closeness of Callaway instead of driving to North Platte or Broken Bow.”

We are glad you are here at the Good Life Center, Nancy.  You are an asset to our team!

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Nebraska Nursing Home Crisis

Please join Senator Matt Williams and Ron Ross, President of Rural Health Development (Managing Company for Callaway Good Life Center) on July 22 at 2:00 pm at the Callaway Community Center as we discuss the effects that Nebraska Medicaid Reimbursement has on our communities and the Callaway Good Life Center. Sponsored by the Callaway Good Life Center and Callaway Economic Development Committee

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Comments Off on Bus Ride in May 2019

Bus ride around the countryside! Everyone noticed the beautiful green hills! What a fun group! Thanks Melissa and Pat for being the chauffeurs!

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Thank you to all who attended the Walkway of Flags Dedication Service yesterday! A special thank you to Ken Pitkin for your beautiful words about the flag and what it means to us all!

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Walkway of Flags are up! Stop by and take a leisurely walk to see all the flags with names that are being honored! Thank you to everyone who has donated to honor someone special in your life! It’s still not too late to add to our walkway! The flags will be on display through May 29th! On Tuesday May 28th everyone is welcome to join us for a short dedication ceremony at 1:30 pm here at Callaway Good Life Center! Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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Janel Brestel, Social Service Designee, Marketing and Resource Development Coordinator

Congratulations to our May Employee of the Month, Janel Brestel.

Janel has been an employee at this facility for 35 years.  She began her career in 1979 as a Nursing Assistant.  Then after high school graduation she attended Mid-Plains Community College and received her License Practical Nurse degree in 1983.  She again joined the staff as LPN Charge nurse for 9 years.  She has filled many shoes in her 35 year career here, Nurse, Activities Director, Social Services Designee, Marketing / Resource Development Director, and friend to all.

Janel lives in Callaway with her husband Rod and has enjoyed volunteering in her community and church through the years.  She and Rod have 2 daughters and 5 grandchildren which are true blessings in their lives!  Janel loves listening to music, singing, movies and spending time with family and friends!  She makes a pretty good cinnamon roll, too!!

Her fellow co-workers nominated her for her dedication to this facility.  They said, “Janel is passionate about our facility.  She has been tirelessly working to bring awareness to the Nursing Home Crisis.  At our last All Staff meeting she prepared informational items for the staff to read and created information to send to Gov. Ricketts and Sen. Williams.  Thank you, Janel for your passion!”

When asked why she likes doing what she does, her reply was, “My favorite thing about working at this facility is getting to know the Residents and families through the years.  This is a place I’ve grown up with and have been inspired and touched by these special people.  I’ve made long lasting friendships and have seen generations of staff come through our doors.  I also have felt pride in our community and beyond for their wonderful support for this facility.”

Never lose your passion Janel, you inspire us all to care more and lovingly touch the souls we serve.  Thank you for your service.

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No Comments on 2019 Walkway of Flags

The walkway surrounding the Callaway Good Life Center will be decorated with dozens of American Flags during the Memorial Day holiday in honor of our armed forces, servicemen and women, friends, family members and loved ones. Celebrate the life of someone special and support our center by sponsoring a flag for a donation of $25.00 or more.

We will tag your sponsored 12 x 18 flag with the name of your honored individual and place it with the others along our walkway in the front of the facility beginning May 24th, 2019. It will remain there through May 29th as a symbol of remembrance.

Residents and visitors of Callaway Good Life Center can view this display at their leisure. In addition, everyone is invited to a short dedication ceremony of the Walkway of Flags on Tuesday May 28th, 2018 at 1:30 pm at the Callaway Good Life Center!

City, State, Zip:______________________________________
Phone:__________________ Number of Flags___________

Send above information with your donation to the Callaway Good Life Center, c/o Walkway of Flags, PO Box 250 Callaway, NE. 68825. Make check payable to Callaway Good Life Center

Flag(s) in honor of:____________________________________________________

Flag(s) in memory of:_________________________________________________

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Congratulations to our April Employee of the Month, Shalina Scott!

Shalina has been with us for 4 months and has made a great impact.  She is a hard worker and has stepped up to do, not only Dietary Cook, but also Housekeeping.  She even gets to do laundry!

Shalina has 4 children, Neal and Rebecca Scott and Jack and Penelope Harisson.  Penelope comes to the center with her mom sometimes and we all get to spoil her!  Shalina’s hobbies include gardening, reading, sewing and cooking.

Shalina was nominated by two employees who have this to say about her, “When there is work to be done or help needed with anything, Shalina is quick to jump in and help out.  On Saturday, we had a water leak in the breakroom.  I asked Shalina for the mop from the kitchen and before I could grab a wet floor sign, she was already cleaning up the mess that I had intended to clean.  On Sunday when setting up the tower garden, Shalina came and lent a helping hand.  I appreciate her hard work and willingness to step in wherever needed and just jump in and do even if she’s busy doing other things!!

Shalina is always willing to come in and help when needed.  She comes to work and helps when someone calls in.  She made dinner rolls and is going to teach the other cooks how to make them.  She makes a lot of foods from scratch and gives suggestions for vegan dishes.  She is always pleasant and residents love her.  When she works in the kitchen, she often works housekeeping that same day.  She is open for change and gives suggestions on how to make something work better.  She is also good at keeping the aides on a good time line.

When we asked Shalina why she enjoys what she does, she said, “I enjoy getting to work with staff here and I love when I get to cook.  Seeing how much the people enjoy the work we put into their meals makes me happy and I enjoy bringing joy to them.  I love to make people smile.”

You make all of us smile Shalina, thanks for your good example.

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