October Employee of the Month 2018!

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Congratulations to our October Employee of the Month, Shirla Streit.

Shirla is beginning her 25th year as a nurse at the Good Life Center, congratulations!  She began her career as an RN Charge Nurse in this facility straight out of nursing school in 1993.  She is and has been a very loyal and dependable employee, always works her shifts and willing to help out whenever needed. She is a huge part of our knowledge base and a talented professional nurse.

Shirla not only works full time as a nurse, but is also Mom to 3 boys. Twins Colby and Alex are 16 years old and are 10th graders at Arnold this fall, and 13 year old Brendan who is a 7th grader this fall.  She also lives with partner Shane and 1 very solid, excitable boxer named Bella.

Shirla’s hobbies include reading, although we are not sure when she finds the time, and crafting.   

Shirla’s co-workers nominated her and said, “Shirla is a true team player. She worked 6 am to Midnight on September 14th, 2018 due to staffing issues.  She has hardly ever called in and will trade shifts if someone needs to work a different day, and if it fits her schedule.  She always smiles and treats the residents as they are her #1 priority, even when she is having her own problems.

Shirla always has a smile and the residents love her.  She can make a dreary day become sunny and bright with her laughter. We are proud to have her on our team.

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