Department Head of the Year!

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Rural Health Development (RHD) is the Managing Company that is contracted to manage the Callaway Good Life Center. Two times a year, RHD gives out awards to Management Team Members that have excelled in their positions at the facilities. Melissa Jorgenson joins Janel Brestel, Social Services (2015); Cris Sierks, MDS Coordinator (2015); Sue Oman, Medical Records/Staff Development/QA Coordinator (2016); and Vicky Hendricks, Administrator (2015) in receiving this award for 2019. Melissa is the most diversified employee at Callaway Good Life Center. She is not only the supervisor for Housekeeping and Laundry; she is the Safety Coordinator and the QA Coordinator. Melissa organizes and handles the Fire Drills, and all of the items that come with the Life Safety Codes. All I have to do is ask about a code and she usually can just recite the code and explain it to me. She takes the initiative to research things that pertain to her job and then learn everything she can about that item. She took over Coordinating the Quality Assurance Program without hesitation when she was asked. She was a true leader in developing the Facility Assessment when the implementation dates were quickly approaching, Melissa is also an EMT and Fireman for the local fire department, which has helped her in the development of the Disaster Program. Melissa continues to keep these assessments and programs current to insure we remain in compliance with the regulations. Melissa is also a part of the Employee Celebration Committee which helps us to recognize all of the wonderful employees that work at Callaway Good Life Center. She is always willing to volunteer for any project that is put out there. Melissa goes above and beyond in her duties at the facility and was the perfect candidate for the employee of the year. CGLC thanks Melissa for her dedication and RHD for their generosity in recognizing employees that make a difference.