Employment Opportunities with New relaxed Regulations

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NEW REGULATIONS GIVE OPPORTUNITIES FOR EMPLOYMENT AT CALLAWAY GOOD LIFE CENTER All skills and abilities are needed including food service, housekeeping, and other licensed positions. If you are in need of employment, there is a need for you here at Callaway Good Life Center. Even Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA’s) and Medication Aids (MA’s) can be hired and receive on the job training right away, according to the statement below. Please contact Vicky Hendricks, Administrator to learn more! Temporary CNA and Medication Aide Options With Guidance from Dan Taylor, DHHS Program Manager CMS has relaxed some of their requirements related to CNA testing and the 120 period for testing. In conjunction with that, Governor Ricketts, through his Executive Order (EO 20-12) suspended some of the rules for Nurse Aide training. Facilities can now train temporary Nurse Aides. These do not have to be people already working in a different capacity in your facility. These can be new employees. They must be trained and demonstrate competency of duties. This training can be done by a licensed healthcare provider working within the scope of his/her license. The individual being trained must demonstrate training in the core competencies. The training can be done in-house and the curriculum does not need to be approved. Training documentation, including a sign-off on each competency demonstrated, should be maintained by the facility. Nurse Aides can also be trained to provide assistance with non-complex feeding. Facilities can now train non-40 hour Medication Aides. Under the same state Executive Order mentioned above, for this period of time NF and AL do not have to have 40-hour MAs. The MA still has to be trained and be on the registry, but is not required to meet the 40 hour criteria.